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(A remote highland lochside estate)

Have the right to address yourself as
The Laird of Glencairn & John O' Groats.

( In Scots law "Laird" is a unisex title but you can buy the title Lady Of as well)

Help conserve this unspoiled landscape for you and your descendants

A Totally Unique Gift

£38 (shipping included)


Why not give someone a really special gift and make them a Scottish Laird or Lady title?

By becoming a Scottish Laird you will also be helping to conserve one of the most beautiful areas of wilderness in Europe if not the entire world.

The offer is genuine and legal – by owning your own plot of land in Scotland you can become a Scottish Laird.

Become the Laird (a Lord or Lady is called a Laird in Scotland) and perhaps form your own Scottish clan – perhaps you’ll learn to play the bagpipes and wear a tartan kilt!

Giving a gift making your friend the Laird or Lord of Glencairn or John O’Groats will not only delight them but help conserve unspoiled landscapes in the Highlands of Scotland.

A Unique Gift!

For less than the cost of a personal number plate, you can buy a plot of land in the Scottish Highlands and beome entitled to call yourself The Laird Of Glencairn or the Laird of John O'Groats.

This also makes a fantastic gift - the special birthday present that will last a lifetime. Each Lairdship comes with a certificate that you can frame and display on your wall, a map and your special card granting access and use of the shared 'Loch Retreat' - a remote Scottish Highland lochside estate.

It is real estate property, to which you hold legal title and can be passed on to your heirs in the future.

If you have an interest in Scotland or Scottish history, what better gift can you give? A plot of land in the Higlands of Scotland, A beautiful certificate and a card which enables you to visit The Laird's Retreat by the loch side.

As the Laird of Glencairn or the Laird of John O'Groats - or for female lairds - The Lady of Glencairn or the Lady of John O'Groats you can insist your friends address you by your title!

And now you can become a Laird or Lady of Glencrannog!
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